Language teaching methods

Firstly, teaching language is something that has been side-by-side with the development of humanity. Culture and language are both part of humans’ history; they have been since the beginning of human beings. But language and culture are not the same within the whole of humanity; there are as many languages as cultures in the world. Among the culture of humans, it is known that sometimes it is necessary to learn other languages and other cultures because the social and economic issues within cultures are needed to establish relationships between different countries, and here is where language teaching methods matter.

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Learning new languages means there is a need to set up methods to do it easier and better. This is where the language teaching process takes its place in human history. Humans start learning different languages by immersion firstly, after that, they realize that it is necessary to teach the language because that method is very slow, and as the context requires it, language has to be learned as fast as possible.

Throughout the history of language teaching, many methods and approaches have been used in language teaching. For example, there is the direct method, in which the learner has to learn the language as a necessity because of the constant exposure to it. Grammar-translation is one of the other known methods used in language teaching, with this method, learners could easily differentiate grammar rules and linguistic structures. These types of methods were focused on grammar rules and linguistic structures, so that learners could be able to establish relations between the structures they know in their mother language and the second language but, it did not mean that they were going to be able to know the use in the context of what they know.

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Even though learners were able to create coherent expressions and talk properly, learning was not something as meaningful until the moment that culture took an important role in language teaching. Language is within culture, and culture is made by language, then, language cannot be taught without teaching culture. Culture is what surrounds every single human, it is made up of beliefs, thoughts, wishes, habits, and language. Language is something that grows in the culture; language exists to express what is within culture, so it is necessary to be taught with its real use in context.

Language teaching methods

Learners must face the real use of language because, as “language is a property of mind” they need to develop a meaningful learning process, and it is more important to teach context than rules. Rules are something that can be learned with repetition, but language is something that must be known how it is in reality, not just in textbooks or in a classroom, language is something full of culture, full of meaning.

Finally, in conclusion, language and culture must be together in the whole learning process because as the mother language is learned by using it in real life, a second language needs to be learned in a process in which learners face its actual use to develop meaningful learning of it.

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